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"My mission is to provide a broader awareness of self-healing and further a mindful education of those I serve. "

I knew I had "something special" when I was around 5 or 6 years old.  I didn't know what it was, but I felt it and thought about it.  After a couple of days, since it didn't jump out at me and tell me exactly what it was, I let it go.


At that same time, I "did work" on my friend's father to help him stop smoking.  Had no idea what I was doing.  But I thought real hard for him to stop smoking.  In the years before they moved, he told me many times that he still was not smoking.  I figured he was just telling me what he thought I wanted to hear.


I was focused on more important things, like the stickball game we had that afternoon.


Fast forward to the year after high school.....















































I volunteered for the draft and went to Vietnam. (short version)














When I came back from Nam, I went to college....... I was on the football team.  Defensive back.



I soon got the nickname, "The Doctor".



















If you are still reading this, you are starting to realize that "Healing" was something within me.


Only I still didn't get it....




The one that got to me, was an emergency call to an address that was very familiar. It was the address of the most beautiful girl in high school named Jean Ward, that seemed totally unapproachable to any boy. She also had a large family and parents, so I had no idea what the emergency was.


We pulled up and I ran inside.  It was her. She collapsed and seemed unresponsive.  I ran back out to the truck and ran back with the 40-pound resuscitator.  There was something in her throat.  I aspirated and got a piece of onion.(they were having hamburgers for dinner).  I worked on her and even got her to squeeze my hand to answer yes or no.  It was summer, I was soaked.  I worked on her for about 15 minutes.  As soon as nothing new happened, we decided to transport her to the hospital. Everyone left; I sat against the wall, exhausted. I couldn't help thinking about when I asked her to the Senior Prom and she said YES. 


Her mother was a waitress at an Italian Restaurant I frequented.  She was very kind to me. The day after Jean went to the hospital, her mother called me. Jean had passed. Her mother thanked me over and over for all I had done. But, the doctors said it was actually an aneurysm that took her life.


Years passed and I mentioned the experience online somewhere.  I wrote what I just wrote here.  Jean's younger sister tracked me down and called me to say she was very young at the time and she never knew or heard the whole story.  She thanked me for being there and bumping into me online. She was able to get some closure to such a terrible event. It is all still with me.

I joined the local volunteer Fire Department's Emergency Company.  I helped deliver two and a half babies. (the third one was a partial and the Emergency room people took over) I saved several people's lives in burning homes, and car accidents and was even written up in the Daily News (with photo) for putting out a nasty chemical fire in an industrial area.

I was in the Emergency Company, but after search and rescue duties would end up on the nozzle, during fires.

I saw a lot of bad things in just one year to last a lifetime.

Founder/ Teacher of H.T.S.O.T ®

For some reason, I had a propensity of knowing about the human body, muscles, ligaments, etc etc. In college sports, if you report an injury to a trainer, you need a week or so to recover, a week or so in therapy, and at least a week or so to get back in "playing shape".  When that happens, you miss a large part of the season..... So many players came to ME.  Way back then, I knew about ice massage, injury taping, and most of the stuff trainers knew. I could get them playing much, much sooner than a training.

   The Spark that brings H.T.S.O.T.®  to Life...  The

"My vision is to teach and help as many people as we can to live lives of limitless health and well-being."


I became a member of the US National Handball Team; through 3 Olympic campaigns.

(short version)















In my adult life, I started businesses I knew nothing about; (that's where the fun was) built them up and sold them.  I retired early. (short version)


I moved to Florida and spent time checking the chlorine in the pool.  I was going to the local Gold's gym 4 or 5 days a week.















There was a cute girl who taught the SPIN class.  I went to every class. She eventually talked me into going to a yoga class. Once there, I spent 55 minutes in agonizing pain doing things to my body, I had never done before. With 5 minutes left, the instructor turned off the lights and asked us to be still and quiet. When the lights came back on, I realized tears were pouring down my face; filling my ears.


The yoga instructor told me it was just a releasing of energy that needed to happen and I should see her after class. Once everyone left, she came over to me and invited me to her Reiki Class. 

















I then dove into "the University of Google" and did keyword searches about healing and energy and hundreds of other things... for two years. I took proven scientific principles and figured out how I could "Heal", and in a short period of time. 


"Everything is energy.  All energy is connected. Thoughts are energy."


 The biggest breakthrough was eliminating all my learned limitations.  (I had read "The Politics of Experience" by R.D. Laing.  It is about 238 pages and it took me 5 years to understand it.) One the great quotes I took from it was...


"We all have gates in our minds.  And we have to GO THROUGH those gates, to see that they don't exist."

















I practiced on myself and learned more and more, what worked and what didn't. I started eliminating the physicality of stress in myself. I went deeper into my life and found I had many unresolved emotional things. My brother's death in a car accident when I was 10, my mother dying 10 days before I went to Vietnam, and my father dying 2 days before I got married... was just the start of my healing practices.


Long before I developed and named "Healing at the Speed of Thought" I worked on myself and honed my skills.  I was lucky to be my own subject.  I seemed to have unlimited issues.  I felt a lot of "lack of", "unworthiness", "many different fears", "a litany of Vietnam issues", a drug dependency,"unresolved parent issues", "some major physical pain issues", "some psychological and mental issues", being the complete opposite of 'calm and centered' and 'having a quiet mind', and what seemed to be a limitless array of o

other things, as I peeled away the layers of my being.


While initially scary, the more I uncovered, the more I peeled away... and the deeper I went.


I found I couldn't lie to myself.


Once there, I found a comfort that is beyond words.



I started looking up and saying "Thank You" more and more. 

The more I thanked, the more doors opened.

I started to feel I wasn't alone. 

Today, I am totally convinced of it.



People in need were either put in front of me or me in front of them. 


Everything happens for a reason.


Everything happens when it's time.


I started practicing on others and I moved to a whole, higher level.  It felt then, and still now feels, like I am guided. Based on my results, I felt more power and ability. I practiced on friends and acquaintances with amazing results.

I eliminated gallstones in a pregnant woman. I eliminated Lymphoma in a person who had it from her stomach, up her side, through the head, up to, but not including, her brain.


I did stuff even I didn't think was possible.


I started "Healing at the Speed of Thought" ®. The paradox of putting this powerful and limitless concept in a "box" has always made me chuckle. It is the perfect, unexplainable, irony that seems to be ME.



Please feel free to read about the amazing gift I was given throughout the site.





Reiki ????? 


I was intrigued.


I went to her class and could feel it was destiny.


But before I graduated from Reiki II, I knew I had to go through this to get to something bigger and better. 

I became a Reiki Master.

This all evolved to where there are almost no limits to what can be done. (Broken bones and severe bleeding are, of course, something for medical folks to handle.) 


My AH HA moment was realizing I could use what I know to teach others to heal themselves. I developed "HEALING AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT" ®







Everyone needs it - Anyone can learn it.

You can use this every day, for the rest of your life.


It is said that STRESS is the genesis of all disease. This teaches you how to control and eliminate stress. And there's a correlation between those who can heal themselves and how little they were sick or injured, or in need of


Healing at The Speed of Thought


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