21 Days - For An Amazing 2018

For some reason, New Year Resolutions seems to be a perennial tradition. It's a NEW YEAR. It is Time to make a change; make oneself better, succeed when failure grounded last years plans. There is an actual date when so many people make their personal decision after a month long mental process to focus on their ONE special thing to change. There are over 300 other days you could make a resolution. But history has limited it to this one day. Puts a bit of extra pressure on things, doesn't it? The list of resolutions run the gamut of all humankind. They can range from losing weight to world peace. Assuming one makes a resolution ON January 1st, the chances of its existence by January 31st is usually slim to none. ("And Slim's not home.") This New Year, I'm going to "____________". (fill in the blank). You see, words are important. You can spend the next 365 days "going to". But nothing happens until you actually "DO". Instead of saying you are "going to ", you may say "I WILL (..............fill in the blank)." Whatever you decide to do, it won't happen unless you make it a habit. How long does it take to make a something a habit? 21 days !!!! What this research suggests is that 21 days to form a habit is probably right, as long as all you want to do is drink a glass of water after breakfast. Anything harder is likely to take longer to become a really strong habit, and, in the case of some activities, much longer. Also know that you must practice HAVING the habit more than once a day.... until it IS a habit. All these rules give you a 1 in 365 chance. Stop saying "I'm going to". Stop saying "I WILL". USE YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND TO SIMPLY DO IT. It's not a competition. It's ok to fail sometimes. Either be more resolute or let the whole thing go. There will be another NEW YEAR to focus on next year.

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