3 Things You Need To know About Your Health

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Placeboes Really Do Work

We live in a world where our health is seen through the barrel of a microscope and the statistics on a lab report. Selling medication that cost thousands of dollars has become the main and in some cases only goal. Patients are no longer seen as individuals but as numbers. Doctor's no longer inquire about our lives or our problems. They diagnose and prescribe, many times skipping the healing and masking the problem or disease.

What they don't tell you is that studies show, that 18-80% of the time, the body heals itself when given a sugar pill or saline injection in a clinical trial. Yes, the placebo effect originates in one's mind, but the outcome in the body's physiology is undeniable. Once again these results show the overlooked power of the mind over the body and the irrefutable need to treat patients as individuals through a wider spectrum of diagnosis and care.

There are Things Science Cannot Explain

It has become our automated response, to only believe in things that can be proven scientifically. Since the beginning of time humanity has ben asking questions that science cannot explain. But, the fact that Science cannot explain these things doesn't make them less true or real to the people who are asking the questions.

Have we lost the capability of thinking for ourselves?

Are we even certain that what we are told is the irrefutable truth?

Self-healing is real and it happens around us every day. To ignore that is to close yourself to the limited perspective of a fictitious reality. Just because Science cannot apply a value to holistic and preventive care does not mean it is of no value to you. Make your own choices, feel what resonates and feels right to you. Do not let others tell you what to believe. There was a time when science told us that the world was flat, only to realize years later it was round. Are you going to wait for science to realize it is wrong?

Mind Over Medicine

Miracle and divine intervention is the label we put on things we cannot explain or logically understand. By studying the behavioral patterns of patients who benefit from these so-called miracles (healing themselves), we can clearly see a pattern that cannot be proven but is none the less real.

Patients who experience remission from seemingly incurable illnesses do not have patterns of helplessness and passivity. They have proactive behaviors of positivity and belief. Physiologically these behaviors influence the brain, which affects the hormones in your blood stream, and consequently every cell in your body. You may prefer to call it a miracle, but there is a process that can be logically explained.

In order to transform your well-being and your life, you must eliminate your beliefs of weakness and limited control. You must understand, that your reality is an inevitable result of your thoughts, words, and actions. And these, are irrefutably determined by your experiences, knowledge, and beliefs. Change your mind and you will change your life. One last secret revelation coming soon. Stay Connected.

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