A Bitter Lesson

I’m going to tell you about a hard, bitter lesson. I have been teaching people how to heal themselves for a few years now.

Almost all of them have had their own miracles.

They were mostly local groups of people in South Florida.I had the idea early on, that I could use my email list of friends, acquaintances, and other connections, to see who else would be interested.

I sent an email to my entire list, inviting them to sign up for the course. I ended up speaking to about 60 people.

These calls were DEEP. People opened up to me about so many of their problems and everything that held them back.

- “ I wish I didn’t always see the negative in things. I wish I were more positive. I seem to always be struggling through my life.”

- “ I have so many physical problems. It feels like I’m unable to do so many things. Nothing seems to get better.”

- “I wish I could stop worrying about what I see on the news.”

- “I know I’m a good person. But I still feel that I hold myself back.”

- “I wish I could lower my blood pressure and cholesterol”

They told me everything.

I realized just how deep a need there is for real healing that gets REAL results.

Some of these people had invested in other programs with no results.

Sometimes it was their fault. Sometimes the program sucked. Sometimes both.

I realized the work I do is such an awesome responsibility.

Of the 60 people I spoke to, about 15 ended up enrolling in the Healing at the Speed of Thought Course. They went on to experience some amazing outcomes.

But I’m not telling this story to brag about my idea to reach out to these people.

Instead, I want to talk about the 45 or so people that DIDN’T sign up.

Without exception, everyone had their own flimsy excuse. “I’ll think about it” is truly the worst one.

If something can make the rest of your life better, how much do you have to think about?

At the time, I accepted what they said. I didn’t know any better.

Fast-forward six months. I’m going through some old stuff on my computer, and I come across my notes from all those conversations with all those people.

I start flipping through them.

So many goals. So many reasons why. So many deeply personal stories of pain, and ambition, and dreams.I decided to reach back out. Not to enroll them into my Course, but just to see how they were doing on their own. One by one, I called them.

“Hey Robert! It’s Peter Siskind with Healing at the Speed of Thought ®.

Remember, we spoke six months ago? I have in my notes that you wanted to eliminate the pain in your hip. But you wanted to think about it, and check with your doctor.”

I wanted to check in and see how you were doing.”

Now, I thought for sure that some of them would have tried SOMETHING.

Some of them must have at least gone to their doctor, right?

Wrong. Of all my calls, how many people do you think were doing something for themselves?

Zero. Not one.

Everyone was stuck right where they were six months before.

In fact, most of their situations had gotten worse.

I hung up the phone after the last one, devastated. Not because they hadn’t enrolled, but because I thought I had let them down. After a nights sleep, I realized everyone is fully responsible for themselves. And remembered that “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t MAKE him drink.” The truth is, each of those 60 people had a choice to make their lives significantly better.

15 did. 45 didn’t.


45 spent time making excuses; instead of figuring out HOW to make their lives better.

45 are no better, and some were worse than when the solution of “Healing at the Speed of Thought ®” was brought to their attention.

If you ever find yourself having an issue that holds you back in ANY way, wouldn’t you do what is BEST for YOU, rather than let the issue remain unresolved and fester within yourself?

Well, this is your chance.

You can start by attending my FREE WEBINAR. Sign Up @ www.htsot.com/webinar

Learn about “Healing at the Speed of Thought ®”. See how it can better your life by eliminating all of your physical, emotional, psychological, mental, sexual, psychic, and any other issue you may have.

It is very powerful; yet easy to learn. Do this for YOU.

The H.T.S.O.T. ® online SELF- Healing course with Peter Siskind is now available @ www.htsot.com

Email: info@htsot.com

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