Helping A Writer

"When You Get A Recommendation By Helping A Writer"

Reiki, Chakras, Energy… We all talk about being balanced… exhale the negative… inhale the positive. But have you ever truly put it into practice, have you ever made your body feel, your mind see, believe then execute an action? You might be thinking to yourself… What are you talking about, or I would not even know where to begin.

I have been asked many times by friends “What do you Want?” ”What will make Tanya happy?” it seems like such a simple question… we all know it is not. But is it? By simply tapping into yourself, listening to your body flow, feeling your own energy illuminate your path…leaving the darkness behind and focusing on your inner light it’s going to zap you like 100,000 AMPS rushing through your body.

But just like a stalled car…. you need a conductor… someone that will help distribute these positive and negative ions in such a pure, perfect way that a single spark is created…that simple spark just jolted everything on that was off or blocked. I have been fortunate to cross paths with an incredible gentleman whose energy is so pure and strong, that you feel his current even before you lay eyes on him.

Peter loaned himself as my guide so I could accomplish just that! He solidified all that I’ve felt all I’ve been pulled towards, my untapped potential, my pain, my joy as well as my darkness and my light... He helped me reach down so I could feel then see what is unbalanced and balanced in myself. His energy and my energy became... well, friends.... he helped guide me so I could finally open up my eyes to see what already resides with in Me.

Life sends you the perfect conductor exactly when you are open and willing to receiving the endless bounties the Universe has to offer.

Peter, My conductor… I am forever grateful for seeing me because through you I saw myself... Looking forward to this Journey... Feeling Blessed and Grateful.


Tanya Gigante

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