How Does Self-Healing Work?

Self-healing is a process of recovery, motivated by and directed by the patient. This type of healing is naturally guided by the human body’s natural ability and instinct to regenerate and heal itself of ailments that may originally be of an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual nature. There are many methods and techniques that will allow an individual to find the right state of mind and the adequate practices to experience physical healing. Therefore, it is greatly encouraged that these practices and techniques be used as a daily or weekly form of self and preventive care. Continuous practice, over time, will allow the physical body to experience good health and well-being.

Many shy away from the practice of self-healing, due to the lack of information and understanding on how theses practices and techniques truly work. Some are stubbornly convinced of its inefficiency, others believe that this practice may interfere with their religious beliefs, and some are simply reluctant to experience new things, afraid to let go of their outdated limited beliefs. Progress is a part of the human experience and new studies and research in Quantum Physics are slowly setting the foundation for a better understanding of the true essence of our being and how our energetic nature truly works.

It has repeatedly been said, in different terms, and by different people, that the mind is the command center of the body. Thoughts and beliefs created in the mind become not only the trigger of our words, actions, and outcomes, but the consequent reality of our well-being and sequentially our physical health. A mind that is overcome with negative thoughts, limited beliefs, and judgmental expectation, will undoubtedly mirror this negativity in the physical body, which reacts to this negative energy in the form of illness and disease.

So... How does Self Healing Work?

The practice of self-healing begins with a mind that is calm and centered, free of chaos and open to receiving the intuitive guidance of the body. Liberating the mind into a tranquil space allows for the subliminal healing of the body to occur. By applying the practice and knowledge of how energy operates, you are then able to shift, transform, and even remove harmful physical energies, thus creating well-being within yourself and your life. Self-Healing is not a religious practice. It does not confirm or deny your religious beliefs. It is neither a spiritual ritual nor ceremony. Subliminal healing and self-healing is simply the natural reaction of the body to the inner transformation of the energies contained within itself. Self-healing is a natural and alternative way to create well-being on all levels, be it Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What Makes The H.T.S.O.T. technique different From all The Others?

A thought is responsively created in a microsecond. Thoughts create reality, therefore healing can occur at the Speed of Thought. HTSOT, is securely founded on the scientific principles of energy and physics. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can although, be transformed and transferred. The H.T.S.O.T. technique has thoughtfully been developed in a simple and straightforward way. The basic foundation of this technique can unquestionably be learned by anyone and can easily be molded to suit your personal needs and unique circumstances. Anyone can benefit from its limitless applications and it has been meticulously designed and is presented to you in a format that can easily be mastered. If you are looking for the ONE self-healing course that will change your life, THIS IS IT. Discover the art of self-healing, risk-free.


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