LOVE Is What Moves You

LOVE - An intense feeling of deep affection. A person or thing that one loves. To care very much for, feel deep affection for, hold very dear, adore, think the world of, be devoted to.

There are many ways to look at the word LOVE. As per its definition in today’s society, it is understood as a feeling or emotion, that we have towards something outside of ourselves. This is what we are taught and by consequence, it is what we believe. In this limited belief, we spend most of our lives seeking to possess this so-called feeling/ emotion outside of ourselves.

Within this limited view of LOVE, we are in a constant battle of seeking approval, consent, and admiration. So many times, we hide who we truly are. We cultivate feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame when we are unsuccessful in convincing others to love us. We go on seeking this amazing feeling, which somewhere inside, we believe determines our value.

We seek LOVE because out of all the emotions, it is powerful beyond our comprehension. It is an unmeasurable force, that can move us to create, fight, and build amazing realities. LOVE is the trigger, that ignites us within and opens the portal to endless possibilities and limitless happiness.

Today, I am here to tell you that LOVE is not outside of yourself. That the reason you are unsuccessful at possessing this extraordinary force is because you have yet to find where it truly resides. I will attempt to give you a broader and less limited definition of what LOVE is.

LOVE - A state of being. A point of view. A force, that exists within every individual and that when shared creates beautiful connections of kindness and compassion. A nourishing feeling towards one's self. A feeling of respect and honor for who you are. A limitless energy that keeps us alive and that creates beautiful realities and happiness.

The feeling of LOVE must be nourished inside each individual so that it may be given to others. We must love and understand ourselves and our unique gifts and features in order to accept, honor, and love others. Many people struggle to give LOVE because they have never known or felt LOVE within themselves; self-love.

Needless to say, LOVE is also the trigger to healing. Learning and developing self-love is the spark that releases the energy of health and well-being. Emotions of guilt, shame, and unworthiness hinder your well-being and keep your body from becoming healthy. It is the energy of LOVE that replenishes, regenerates, and heals. Yes, LOVE is ENERGY.

If you are ready to change your beliefs about LOVE.

If you are ready to look for LOVE within.

If you are ready to accept that you already possess LOVE.

If you are ready to HEAL.

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Not only will this course eliminate emotions that are keeping you from LOVE, it will also teach you to nourish and strengthen that LOVE within yourself. The energy that exists within you attracts energy of similar vibration. Learn to keep your energies in balance, healthy, and mindful in attracting what you truly desire.

Do You LOVE yourself?


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