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Nature has a unique power that many times goes unnoticed. Spending time in nature and becoming part of it, allows us to develop and increase our empirical senses.

The 5 senses, allow us to analyze and perceive our life experiences from different angles simultaneously. Most of us interpret and react solely from a logical point of view. Seeing, smelling, feeling and then thinking will create a more beneficial experience.

There are simple ways to incorporate nature into your busy routine.

  • Take a short walk in a nearby park during your lunch break.

  • Sit outside and read a book.

  • Take the scenic route to and from work.

  • Start a small garden in your backyard or terrace.

  • Look for hiking trails and county parks to visit on your days off.

  • Plan outdoor activities with your family and friends.


Give yourself permission to disconnect. Technology is a wonderful asset in today's society, but as we become overly focused on our virtual lives, we disconnect from ourselves and the personal relationships that surround us.

Take an hour a day or a couple hours a week to disconnect from your phone, laptop, and tablet. Spend time with yourself, with your friends, and family. Experience life in real time. This will help you release the stress and dependence that comes from being consistently connected to your technological devices.


Stop looking at your choirs and responsibilities as nerve wrecking tasks. Find Joy in the things you must do, by becoming truly present and seeking enjoyment in the moment you are living.

Stop looking at your day as a long list of things do and truly experience each moment as it comes. Find creative ways to make the harder task more pleasant. Below are a few ideas:

  • Read a book while you wait for the laundry.

  • Turn on the radio while you clean the kitchen.

  • Pour yourself a glass of wine while you cook.

  • Try new and exciting recipes that challenge your skills.

  • Catch up will an old friend while you wait for the kids to get out of school.

  • Listen to an audio book during your commute.


Love yourself by accepting that your body, mind and spirit require nourishment and attention. Practice preventive care by incorporating self-healing in your life.

Be at your best at all times. Learn to bring balance and well-being to all areas of your life. Increase your energy levels, release negative emotions, and live with limitless ease and happiness.

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